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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Brand New

 Look who's here?
Tyler James two hours old, not looking too impressed but daddy says it's because they didn't give him a blue blanket, instead he got a lilac one, that's life!!
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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Cards for Class-i Ladies

Good morning to blog land and it isn't even raining as yet, so before I go to get ready for work this afternoon I thought I would try hard and get back into the swing of  being a good blogger so to speak. Some of our lovely ladies who come to our classes have had their birthdays recently and I made a couple of the cards to give to them so here are some pics.......
Neighbourwood Stamp A Little Bird
 Wild Rose Studio Stamp

 Marianne Desgin Don & Daisy
Hope they  liked them as I was a little last minute, nothing new there then lol : ) and my colouring was rather rushed it could be much better, sorry ladies.
Well that's me off to get ready now, catch you later.

Sheilagh x

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Family Members

Well what do you know. a couple of months have just flown by and I didn't really notice until now and I thought it would be nice to welcome my new family members. firstly my lovely niece Pamela gave birth to twins a few weeks ago in fact lets get this correct it was eight weeks ago but seems like three or four. Wow how time is soooooo deceiving ! anyway the clever girl did brill and had herself one of each Sienna Lea weighing in at 7lb 4oz and and seventeen minutes later her brother Jenson Cole made an entrance weighing a very reasonable 5lb 6oz not bad for twins born two weeks early! I bet you would like a little peek at the tiny adorable two so here they are

Before everyone gets too carried away with all the cooing and gooing  and I know they do deserve it but there's more. two weeks ago today my youngest son of twenty four became a father for the first time. so thanks to Courtney and Adam I was presented with grand child number nine and only the second grandson in the whole bunch of munchkins ............... Tyler James was born weighing a very healthy 8lb 1oz and absolutely gorgeous xxxxxx  well I am his Nanna lol xxxxxx
He was just over two hours old when I took this photo and you can't see that he has such a lot of hair that is hidden under his hat, I know this is not a great photo but I was too excited to take more and very impatient for my first cuddle which by the way came five minutes later (couldn't keep my hands off lol : ) I will post some better photos later and may be a card or two! x Bye for now x