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Monday, 12 September 2011

Leave it to The Last Minute!

Hope you are not all too wind swept this morning although it seems to be good weather for kites lol :) Well a little too windy perhaps.
My lovely daughter asked me if I could make a wedding card because her boss had given her and some of the girls who work together an evening invitation to the wedding, I replied "Yes I could do that for you" when is it?
"Saturday" she answered "Which Saturday"? was my next question "THIS Saturday" was her answer.The conversation we just had was on Thursday evening around nine-ish and I was tempted to say No Chance then, but before I got to open my mouth my lovely daughter added and make it a GOOD ONE wont you!!!! and left.... The cheek of it!!  So here is what I came up with....

Sorry the photo's are a little dark but it was all very much last minute  : ( 


Minasverden said...

Gorgeous and beautiful card,love it.:)

Marita ♫♫♫ said...

Gorgeous card♥. Love it.

Hugs Marita

Christine B. said...

Great card Sheilagh. Hope she was pleased with it. Thank you for my lovely Birthday card. Can you thank Heather also. Did Pat tell you it's not until the 20th. You should have seen my face when Pat came bursting in saying Happy Birthday. Hugs x ChrisB