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Monday, 18 November 2013

A Box - Holding the Fabric of Christmas!

Good afternoon to all, I seriously thought that I would not be making any effort this week to blog let alone having things finished and in order for this weeks class as I have had the most horrendous tummy bug over the weekend and spent most of Saturday and all of Sunday until dinnertime today in bed or in the bathroom and I'm sure you can all imagine what that entails so no need for any further descriptions of details so lets leave that there and move on as I am feeling quite tired now and need to build up my strength for tomorrow.
I had decided that even though we did something similar last year it might be quite nice to revisit and make something other than just cards this time so with no particular stamp in hand but this time a different medium to work with,  well here's a clue it's flat, smooth and comes on a roll in many different colours and designs have you guessed it yet?????- I think the give-away was in the title, no! well I think I'll just show you.......

 Ta-Da!!   Yes it is a box but each of the design panels are made up out of fabric.
It is best to make up the box using a good wet glue like the Collall Tacky glue or Cosmic Shimmer Glue both of which dry clear.
Once the fabric squares have been mounted onto card I have added some Red Stickles Glitter Glue to highlight some areas but you can't really see it on these photo's.
I have embellished the top with die cuts and punched leaves and some of the red Spiders Web.
I have stamped two snowflakes onto card that has been coloured with Antique Linen D Ink and embossed in gold powder.
 Here is a very good example of what not to do when using your foam pads lol! as this shot clearly shows that they are far too close to the outer edge and need to be placed further back so learn from my mistake won't you!

This must be one of the easiest boxes to make yet it can be made to look so much more just by the decoration you choose to put on it.

The spruce die is the same one as we used last time and the leaf punch is from Woodware.

 Here are a couple of photo's of some of the crafty stuff that I used in the making of the box and card.

I think that if you have some of the Pinflare Glue Gel
or similar then this makes it easier when adding the top panel to the lid of the box as you need that little bit more depth to allow for your spiders web etc.

Well think I need a cup of coffee right now as I have not had anything to eat and very little to drink up to press so if I have forgotten to mention anything please make allowances won't you.See you all soon.
Sheilagh  : (

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