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Friday, 27 July 2012

Wednesday's full of Woe

Miss Tibby ( photo taken Jan 2012)

This Wednesday was certainly full of woe for our household as we had to take our beloved little cat to the vets as she was suffering with kidney failure and the vet decided that it was time : (
She had a long and happy life after we rescued her back in September 1992, we will all miss
her very much, Tibby was the last one of our four cats and two dogs which have all now departed to a better place I hope. Our house is really quite now and it is a very strange feeling indeed......
Tibby - Sep 1992 - July 25th 2012
I now have to go and finish my daughters birthday card as it is her birthday today and unfortunately I just don't feel like it somehow but I must so that she will get in when she arrives home from work.

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