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Monday, 15 February 2016

Wellington - New Zealand Collection + Lily Corner

Hello, what a beautiful day we're having but boy is it cold where I am especially when you have workmen in your kitchen taking your window out and putting one back in it's place, but why? Oh why? can't they keep the back door shut and stop some of the heat escaping at least, no not these workmen. Guess I couldn't have chosen a colder day for this sort of work to be done lol! Well they've finished now so SHUT THAT DOOR..........
With all this happening today I'm running a little behind so to get things started I'll show you where I'm up to so far then you can see what we are going to be using this week.
Wellington dies and Lily corner stamp by Sue Wilson.

Okay here's a look at what
I have used on our first card which is 8x8

I have stamped the Lily in Black Versafine and embossed in clear powder.

I used my Aqua pens to colour the image Moss (green) and Begonia (pink)
I then went over with my Clear Sparkle Pen.

In the background I have used Colour Cloud inks Rose Blush and Basil Leaf.

The Silver Starlight paint and paint brush has been used on our second card and
I will post a photo later for that one time Gods willing lol!

Sorry I did rush when taking the photo's so they don't look quite as good and for some strange reason the lilies don't look as pink here as they are on the card, must be the light???? or just me!

You can just about see the Gilding Wax that I have applied to the embossed background and the darker pink panel at the front.
Wax is by Imagination Crafts.

I will do my best to post a photo later of the other card but I must go now and sort things out in my kitchen before I can start with making our tea as it appears to be that time of day already.


See you all later or sooner whichever comes first. : )

This was the card I made for my friend Angela as you might already know it was her mum's funeral last Thursday so apologies to the ladies for my absence on that day I'm sure Louise did a grand job of standing  in for me, thanks Louise.

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