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Monday, 9 February 2015

Is it a Stamp? Is it a Peel-off? Well it's both with Woodware

Don't believe that I'm having to do this once more already typed this post out three times earlier today and each time it's gone a stray, disappeared without trace then plain just wouldn't work and now I'm getting very short on patience Mr Blogger and feel like giving up, so not fair as I have been trying all day and it's gone dark outside and this is my last attempt so behave or else Ooooohh!!!!! : (
Apologies to everyone who has been waiting to find out what's in store for this week and believe me when I say no one is more frustrated than I having typed out more or less the same things over and over until I don't know what day it is lol! Anyway once more I'll try again and this is most definitely the last time before I go totally gaga!!!!
I used my Black Versafine
Clear Embossing powder
Quickie glue pen
Glitter pink or crystal
Flat ended paint brush
Alcohol marker light brown or caramel
Silver Stickles Glitter glue

Well I think that might be it but don't hold your breath, now all that remains is to do battle with Blogger versus my photos who will win? That is the question??????????
Forgive me if the photos aren't in order or they lack a little lustre.
It seems like photos are a no go area so I will take my leave and try to add them in a separate post, so bye for now and I'll see you soon.
Hope this works as patience has almost worn out and anger is due to arrive x

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