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Monday, 7 March 2016

Sally Anne - Whimsical Flower

Golly gosh!! nearly forgot about blogging for our classes this week, I'm tooo busy watching Sheena with the Day of The Dead as I will be demoing this very different unusual range in a couple of weeks at the NEC so I was trying to get the  feel of it and hope I don't hit a dead end lol!!!! It's very different that's for sure all about a day to celebrate loved ones that have passed away before us so hope I can do it justice, I won't be pulling a rabbit out of the hat for this demo, more like digging a skeleton out of the grave.......... we shall see.
Better move on before I jinx myself.
Sally Anne is a Whimsical Flower brought to us by Woodware, something else that pops out of the ground don't you know. Such a lovely image and quite substantial in size, here's what I came up with.....

Our first card is a 5x7.

I have stamped and embossed the flower with black Versafine and Clear Powder.

I coloured the image with my watercolor pens, you could use Distress inks, pencils or anything you choose.

I used my lime green Premarket to go around the edge of the flower panel.

The second card is 7x7.

Here you can see I have started the background for the second card, I stamped the image and embossed it then painted over it with Drawing Gum and allowed it to dry. When totally dry I used my Aqua pens and a wet flat ended paint brush to drag the colour across the panel.

When the paint has dried you can simply rub away the drawing gum leaving a plain white image on the coloured card, it gives you a resist effect and it makes this technique much easier than having to cut out a mask.

You just might be able to see I have added my clear Sparkle Pen over the flower which I coloured in the same way as the other flowers using a red, orange and yellow.

These colours are what I used on the 7x7 card.

You can choose any colours that you prefer to use.

One image stamped onto the background panel with the Gum removed.

One image stamped and cut out then coloured with the pens above and a fine tip paint brush.
I also used a craft knife to cut between the stem and leaves.

That's all for now see you soon x

Sorry the last photo seems a little blurry.


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